I’m making your business my business

Because that’s what digital besties are for!

Hi, I’m Jess, the founder of Digibrand

I’m a digital designer, story weaver, connection builder, and supporter of your brand.

And I’m here to create an online home for your business that you can be proud of.

I spent years working on big name brands at high end digital agencies. A decade, in fact. And now I’m delivering my experience in the way that really lights me up – B2B.

I created Digibrand to blend my skills in project management, digital design, and content creation and offer unique websites that entrepreneurs are proud to stand behind.

Because it’s not just about pretty websites (though of course style is important) but converting ones.

You can have the nicest, shiniest website in the world, but it won’t generate leads or win over clients if it doesn’t reflect what you do.

The digital landscape has changed drastically over the last few years, and it continues to change. Most people don’t have time to stay on top of trends and user experiences, update their tech, or refresh their content. And that’s actually how it should be. You’ve got work to do, after all! You’re the expert in your own business.

So I’m here to take over your website worries and become your digital bestie.

Pinkie promise.

“…our website design was very customised and certainly not off the shelf, this did not faze you in the slightest and you owned the project like it was for your own business…”

About Me

Jessica Foord is a digital designer and founder of Digibrand. She creates conversion-led websites for entrepreneurs, backed by her years working for marketing agencies on high-profile brands such as L’Oreal UK, Network 10, Big Brother, and Lion Nathan.

Project management is her forte, digital design is her passion, and storytelling is her jam. Nothing thrills her more than taking a whole jumble of content and turning it into a beautifully structured (and highly converting) website.

Jess uses her combined skills to assist business owners to build online homes that they love, without all the geek talk. She believes every business owner should have an online home that represents their brand, is unique to their business, and, most importantly – that they are proud to stand behind.

Jess starts her day with good coffee, finishes it with good wine, and spends the hours in between with her growing family. She’s out on the water every chance she gets, and when she’s not there or in front of her laptop, you’ll find her testing out new recipes in the kitchen.


“…she’s the website whisperer, a digital fairy godmother and will take your website to the next level…”

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