Michelle Broadbent

Having been down the DIY road, Michelle was ready to invest in a website that would lift the appeal of her brand, better represent who she was and what she could offer, whilst also appealing to her ideal target audience. Playing on the colours of her existing brand identity we were able to create a fresh, vibrant look and feel that fitted with the personality of the brand while remaining both professional and personable.

Note: live website may differ from the original design due to every client being trained on how to modify their website and manage content on delivery.


Where would I be without Jess??? Jess is an essential, valued extension of my business. No job is too much trouble, no client expectations too high. What makes her stand out from cookie-cutter designers is the level of immersion and understanding she has of the businesses she works with. She really, genuinely cares. She thinks strategically and always operates from a place of “what is best for your business”. On top of all of this, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.


Michelle Broadbent

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