RMYC Port Hacking

With a stunning waterfront location, the RMYC Port Hacking has a long history of supporting and encouraging a life enjoyed out on the water. Home to one of the largest floating concrete marinas on Port Hacking, Digibrand has worked with the RMYC Port Hacking to build a brand and engaged community who share a common interest, a love for the Club and living a life out on the water.

Digibrand has worked with the RMYC Port Hacking some 6 years now across various projects including the website design and ongoing maintenance, brand identity, advertising and email and social communications.

Note: live website may differ from the original design due to every client being trained on how to modify their website and manage content on delivery.


The Royal Motor Yacht Club Port Hacking has partnered with Digibrand for the production, creative and management of all of our digital collateral for over 6 years now including website, email and social media as well as creative for all of our printed material.

With digital marketing making up more than 90% of our advertising budget, Digibrand has become an integral part of our day to day business and has played a significant role in the consistent growth we have been experiencing in both the digital and physical worlds.

We have been achieving exceptionally high open rates and engagement across our email platform since day 1, our social media engagement has increased over 500% and our printed collateral carries a clear and consistent message that has become instantly recognizable with our brand.

It is important to us that we align ourselves with qualified, reputable business partners that operate their business with highest of professional standards. Jess and Digibrand epitomize these standards.

Her knowledge and skillset across all aspects of the digital space have been a great asset to our business and I would have no hesitation in recommending Jess and Digibrand to any business looking for assistance with any or all of their marketing and promotional needs.


Liam Rogers, General Manager

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