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If you’ve not heard the soft silky vocals from the solos and duo’s of Tillee Music, do yourself a favour… stop what you are doing… and head on over and have a listen. You won’t be disappointed! Each musician that makes up the Tillee Music family are carefully handpicked because their style and quality compliments what Tillee Music is all about, so it was only fitting that we continued this very selective process through to our customised design. We are blessed to have worked with the fabulous Tillee Music team for 5 years now (they were one of our very first clients!) and our second iteration of the website design as the business has grown and evolved.

Note: live website may differ from the original design due to every client being trained on how to modify their website and manage content on delivery.


Jess I can not thank you enough for all the work you’ve put into Tillee Music. The passion you put into your work and what your clients do just blows me away. You took the time to get to know and understand my brand, my client, and the direction I was wanting to take. I am so happy with the look of our new Website and I am certain it’s having a major impact on our clients; the first comment I hear so often is they love the look of it, not to mention how easy it is to navigate around.

Thank you so so much all you’ve done to give Tillee Music a stronger online presence. I’m one happy lady xxx


Natalie Coombes, Owner & Director

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