The fastest and most efficient way to bring traffic to your website, store or marketing campaign.

Facebook advertising is cost effective, perfect for lead generation and selling online – it gets to the heart of the right audience for your business with advanced targetting and profiling tools. If you know your customer, then let us show you how to find them. 

You may have heard of, or experienced, a drop in organic traffic to your Facebook Business page. This is due to the recent algorithm change which aims to prioritise “meaningful interactions” from friends and family, over content from business and brands. Meaning, it has become trickier than ever to ensure your organic content gets the screen time it deserves.

Facebook has, however, built an ad network with substantial reach power for brands and businesses of all sizes and it’s here you are going to get the most bang for your buck. A well-managed set of Facebook ads campaigns, ad sets and adverts can do wonders for your conversion rates and maximise your advertising ROI.

Digibrand can assist with:

  • Top, middle, end of funnel campaigns as well as landing pages to suit your business objectives
  • Facebook pixel installation and setup
  • Campaign, ad set, and advert creation, setup and management

We can help you to create smarter marketing automation, consumable content, and ensure highly targeted information gets to the customers that matter most to your business.

Facebook Ads Management

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